When a customer contacts us for a quotation either by phone or email a member of the team will contact them

regarding their request for a job quote and discuss the job in hand .

The next stage will be the pricing of the project and assembling a list and price of materials needed for construction.

This will consist of a price and list of all materials needed and a total labour price for the job in hand.

This will be formed into a contract to give the customer and builder security in the job and partnership being undertaken. The customer will be informed in all aspects of the job, keeping them in the loop to all works and stages of the job allowing them to feel secure in the build process .


At the begining of the build we will require 30% upfront to the secure the job and to start the build this is normally

five days before the  job commences to allow time for materials to arrive making sure the job starts on time.

A estimated completion of works will be given to the customer given them a rough idea into how long the job will take.

Payments of the jobs depending the size will be as follows:

  • Small jobs - payment on completion of works 30% upfront.
  • medium jobs- 30% upfront ,followed by a payment halfway through then a final payment on completion.
  • large jorbs - 30% upfront followed by a payment halfway through then a final payment on completion.